Get russian visa photo (35x45 mm) near you

Have you wondered about the Russian visa photo requirement? And not sure where to get Russian visa photos? According to Consulate General of The Russian Federation In New York, the photo size must be 35x45 mm.   It seems like not a lot of places would take a 35x45 mm photos around you The nearest place you can get it may be miles away if you are not close to the Russian consulates. But we would like to show you how it's done with Tomamor.  You can simply get your Russian visa photo at home and pick it up at CVS, Walgreens,..... Click to Read More

The Shilla Seoul Review - Seoul, Korea - Business Deluxe

The Shilla is a top notch hotel in Seoul Korea. The experience there will be amazing. You can go to one of those franchise hotels like Hilton, Marriott, InterContinental, and Ritz-Carlton. But when you are in Korea, you want to experience the Korean culture. But I say hotels don' have culture most of the time. Most of the times, better hotels are more westernized.  In that sense, the Shilla Seoul is an iconic hotel representing the nation because it tries to include the culture as much as possible while keeping its class.   Location When you are a tourist, location is..... Click to Read More

Online Passport Photo Tomamor US Size

You may have wondered why the passport photos have to be so expensive. You need to spend so much on hotel and flights and even more for this small passport photos? It looks like it is a quick job and printed on a regular sized glossy paper. And they cut it right in front of you out of the paper. If you want to save money, Tomamor provides an alternative to Walgreens and CVS passport price which usually comes out to be at least $13. Why do you pay $13 when you can do it for $6? The answer to where..... Click to Read More