DIY infant passport photo

Now you don't need to bring in your baby all the way to the drug stores and do everything in your power to keep them from crying. Let's say you walked into a Walgreens store and your baby starts crying like this. In that case, the revolutionary way of making a cheap passport photo the infants is using Tomamor.   What do you need to do? 1. Place your baby when he's happy. (Don't you worry about stepping outside with your crying baby) 2. And take many pictures of him! (He may cry. Then do it next time!) 3. Of..... Click to Read More

Chinese visa photo requirement sample photos 1

The problem with Chinese visa is that they want you to submit a photo according to their specification. As Americans or non-Chinese citizens interested in visiting China, you have to get a visa. If you have a long layover in Beijing and you want to visit THE Great Wall? Oh well. You can't. (I am speaking about those from the countries that a Chinese visa is required)   So what you have to do is applying for a Chinese visa.  And guess what. They want you to submit a passport sized photo but not the US size (2 x 2..... Click to Read More

Tomamor's Initial Launching Special Discount - $3 Passport Photo

We are announcing an initial launch special discount. Use the discount code INITIAL3 when checking out. Valid until Oct 25th 2017 and first 50 customers only!