The Shilla is a top notch hotel in Seoul Korea.

Bathroom of The Shilla Seoul Business Deluxe Room

The experience there will be amazing.

You can go to one of those franchise hotels like Hilton, Marriott, InterContinental, and Ritz-Carlton.

But when you are in Korea, you want to experience the Korean culture. But I say hotels don' have culture most of the time. Most of the times, better hotels are more westernized. 

In that sense, the Shilla Seoul is an iconic hotel representing the nation because it tries to include the culture as much as possible while keeping its class.



When you are a tourist, location is one of the most important things you should consider. You don't really know how far it is from your unknown hotel the popular destinations and if there are transportation options for you to easily go around the city.

The Shilla Seoul is located in the center of everything. It is not directly in the busy intersection of where everything is at but you have multiple modes of transportation options. 

The exact address is 202 Jangchung-dong 2-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea 100-856

 The Shilla Seoul from outside view

Just like looking at the map, you can find Itaewon is close by. Itaewon has so many eats and is a place for residents of Seoul, tourist, expats. And if you want nightlight, this is the place to be.




The location of this hotel is wonderful. A lot of tourists are coming to this hotel and it is close to Itaewon and Myungdong. Also you can go to a subway station right outside the hotel property entrance,

Take subway Line 3 to Dongdaeipgu (Dongguk University) Station.
Come out through Exit No.5 at the station and walk along to the hotel’s main gate.


-City bus

Take bus #144, or #407, or #212, or #301 to Jangchung Gymnasium Bus Stop.
Free shuttle bus service available between the hotel’s main gate and the lobby or duty free shop.
Route: Hotel’s main gate (Giwamun Gate) Hotel lobby on the 1st floor Duty Free Shop
Service Hours: 10:00 ~ 20:00



- Breakfast

Breakfast here is amazing. The price point is more on the expensive side. But you have the breakfast included option, you should not miss your breakfast.

If you go, please go for the breakfast buffet. You don't like buffet style food? No you will change your mind. 

They have several restaurants and one of them, La Yeon, has 3 Michelin stars. And this proves the general quality of the food there. And the price follows the suit.


The Silla Seoul's breakfast buffet option is amazing



The room is pretty big. It was much bigger than expected. The bed was clean. There was a coffee table and a sofa where you can read and watch TV. You can also work in your room on the desk. Sometimes the desk is in the dark corner and it just doesn't make you want to start working. But the view of the city from the desk was awesome.


View from the room looking over the city of Seoul

And it is a Samsung Group affiliate and opened by the founder of Samsung Group. Usually, there is not a lot of electronics in the hotel and you can say the TV in the room shows how good the hotel is. It is a good hotel only judging by the TV model and size.


View of the business deluxe room of The Shilla Seoul

I  am pretty sure they update the TVs pretty often but when I was there (2017), the TV had a smart remote which you could control a cursor on the screen just by swinging in the air. 

It works like the video above.

The TV is big enough so that you could watch the TV from afar in your bed.