Have you wondered about the Russian visa photo requirement? And not sure where to get Russian visa photos?

According to Consulate General of The Russian Federation In New York, the photo size must be 35x45 mm.

Russian Visa Photo Size Specification from the Consulate General of The Russian Federation in New York


It seems like not a lot of places would take a 35x45 mm photos around you

The nearest place you can get it may be miles away if you are not close to the Russian consulates.

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Russian visa photo size requirement 35x45mm and head size is between 32-36mm

The total size should be 35x45 mm and the head size should be within 32-36 mm. And the background color should be plain white or light color background.

Who has a centimeter ruler anyway? 


Upload a photo of yourself like the photo above. Take multiple in good lighting. The background can be anything as long as the color isn't too similar to your hair color. The rest will be taken care of by Tomamor. 

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