How to Do Processing of Visa Photo & Passport Photo Online?

SO EASY! Just send us a photo you like!

But keep in mind that you still need to follow the passport photo requirement!

Take a Picture

Take Out Your Camera!


Your Phone Works Too!

Take multiple pictures

Take Lots of Pictures

Please take a look at our recommended photo samples from below.

And also see our No No's

Recommended Photo Sample 1
Recommended Photo Sample 2
No Glasses


You should take off your glasses!

No Toothy Smile

Toothy Smile (aka Open Mouth)

Don't smile with your mouth open!

No Covered Face

Covered Face

Hair covering eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth or all of them combined? Then tie your hair!

No twisted body

Twisted Body

Body is not facing the camera. So twist your body to face the camera directly.

No Invisible Neck

Invisible Neck

Your angle is not letting the camera capture your neck. Show your neck!

No Flying Hair

Flying Hair

Outdoor photography is fine but hair all of the place is not good!

No Light Reflection

Light Reflecting Hair or Face

Your hair color is lost! It should still be original color. GO under a shade when it's sunny outside.

No Darkness in the background

Background & Hair Color Match

We can't distinguish what is your hair and what is your background

No Low Res Photo

Low Res Photo

It's important to take a close up whole upperbody shot. If you took a photo from far away, it will give us a low resolution photo.


Pick Up Your Photos From...

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6pm NEXT DAY at a participating store you choose from above!

Or right from your mailbox with USPS FIRST CLASS MAIL