Before I have been to Chiapas Mexico, what I had in mind was tacos and burritos.

(By the way did you know that burritos are not from Mexico? Nobody knows for sure but as far as what Mexicans say, it is not from Mexico but an American version of Mexican food.)

I will actually skip my first time coming to Mexico. And go into the second part of Mexico travel.

The reason I went to Chiapas was because of someone's recommendation. 


I was hanging out with some people at a hostel in Yucatan, Mexico. Since Mexico is only known for Cancun, I wanted to go to Cancun as a novice traveler. And someone told me that I should go to Chiapas instead. He mentioned that if I go to Chiapas, I will be able to see "jungles". How intriguing is that?


Then I went back to my room and started googling it away. To be honest, Chiapas is not a well-known destination for people like me.

Not a lot of intriguing places and actually reviews in general. You know you HAVE TO go to those places that everyone goes to.


Now I wasn't intrigued anymore. But I still could go to Cancun next time.

Then I started this planning headache.

Chiapas Chiapas.

Where do I go.

Everything is Mayan ruins, cathedrals, waterfalls or lakes or rivers and that is about it. At least on Tripadvisor. And no visual. No eye candies right there.

O well.


Then I will go to Palenque because they have Mayan ruins and waterfalls and waterfalls.

And then I will go to San Cristobal for San Cristobal (I don't know why it is popular) and Sumidero (another water thing)

And go to Chiflon (another waterfall).


Now I am ready to go.


I'll continue next time